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Save on Energy Bills with our Useful Tips

With energy bills constantly on the rise, it’s important to be more vigilant about how you use electricity in your Southampton home or premises. It’s a luxury we sometimes take for granted, until the bills come in. But there are ways to cut down on this expense and we’ve put together some tips to help.

Our electricians at D&B Electrical Contractors are on hand to answer any questions you may have about your bills and electricity usage. Call us in Winchester on 01962 809225 and find out more about our comprehensive range of electrical services. For domestic, commercial and industrial clients in the south-east, we provide full rewires, consumer unit changes, commercial lighting installations, and LED lighting upgrades.


Simple solutions that may just save you money. Try out a few of the suggestions we’ve listed below and see what happens:

Some energy suppliers set a lower tariff at night, usually between 10pm and 8am. The majority charge a flat rate so check whether you can benefit from running your household appliances during these hours. If you can, however, your provider may offset these savings by charging more during the day.

Our electricians can explain your bills in detail and ascertain whether you’re on the best tariff for your household.


As explained on our page about LED lighting, this system is cost-effective. So why not consider LED upgrades throughout your Southampton property? For external lights, solar options will also save money in the long run. Our commercial and industrial clients will also benefit from new LED lighting installations.


These days everyone’s favourite laundry detergent will clean at 30° or less. If your clothes just need a regular wash, turn the dial down on the washing machine. Avoid using the tumble dryer constantly. This isn’t easy for larger households but allowing material to dry naturally will actually prolong its quality and colour. Don’t overload the machines either, it stops them from running at maximum efficiency.

Don’t forget!

A property that has up-to-date wiring and a modern consumer unit is a safe one. Talk to our electricians at D&B Electrical Contractors about our full rewires and unit changes in Southampton and the surrounding areas.


Make sure both fridge and freezer are running at the correct settings – 3-5°C (fridge) and -18°C (freezer). The fridge should be approximately three-quarters full, with enough air to circulate. Pull out the appliance every few months to clean the back of it thoroughly and avoid storing items on top.


Do you have sufficient insulation in the loft? And how are the seals around your windows and doors? You don’t want warm air escaping through the roof or exposed cracks, so make sure your home is sufficiently insulated and apply a fresh sealant around the windows and external doors.


Consider installing a smart meter in order to keep a closer eye on your spending. Talk to us about having one fitted.

For more details about the wide range of services we provide to our Southampton-based clients, please contact our qualified electricians at D&B Electrical Contractors. From full rewires and consumer unit changes to LED lighting upgrades and commercial lighting installations, we’ve got you covered.

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