Consumer Unit Changes

Before we start, yes, consumer units are the same as fuse boxes, and it’s essential you know where they’re located in your Winchester home or Southampton premises. They are responsible for all the electrical circuits in a property, automatically shutting off particular areas if faulty wiring or a damaged appliance is detected. In the case of a complete power cut, the unit will trip the entire system in order to avoid a rush of electricity causing damage to appliances when power is restored.

The 2005 Building Regulations (Part P) state that these units must protect against electrical incidents by tripping the circuit immediately if something goes wrong.Modern consumer units are easy to understand, and switching on or off certain zones within your property is a simple undertaking. Older units are more complex and outdated.

As part of our full rewires for clients in Winchester, Southampton and the surrounding areas, our electricians at D&B Electrical can perform consumer unit changes so the electrical system within your property is up-to-date and completely safe.

This service also includes connecting new cables to an existing unit where clients have added a house extension, additional sockets or new appliances.


Never take a chance with electricity. If you think something is wrong, call us. We’d rather tell you that your system is working normally and nothing needs to be done.

Outdated Units

If you live in an older property, or are moving into one, check the current unit to see what it looks like, or have one of our electricians inspect it.

Residual Current Devices (RCD)

Modern units will have an RCD fitted as standard. These are not circuit breakers, but rather protective systems installed to prevent electrocution. Designed to react quickly when a faulty appliance is detected, they’ll disconnect the power supply instantly. Older consumer units do not have RCDs fitted.


If your unit is constantly tripping, a faulty appliance may be the reason. But the issue might be within the circuitry or unit itself. Don’t take chances or ignore the problem. If you smell burning, or hear a slight buzzing noise near sockets or the unit itself, call us immediately. D&B Electrical Contractors provides the following services as standard for our domestic, commercial and industrial clients across Hampshire:

Fire Safety

Outdated units are notorious for being unsafe, and a vast number of house fires are started because of obsolete systems. Worn cables or loose connections are the main culprits, along with poor workmanship. You must not mess with consumer units; it’s essential you use a registered electrician. Modern units are designed to contain fires for a limited time, allowing you to react safely.

Our fully qualified electricians at D&B Electrical Contractors are available to perform consumer unit changes in Winchester or Southampton. We’ll respond swiftly to any concerns.

Never take chances with electricity! We know what we’re doing and we’re happy to help.

Call our electricians on 01962 809225, 07796 633911 (Brian) or 07788 247292 (Deane) and ask about our full property rewires in Southampton, Winchester and the surrounding areas.