LED Lighting

Light emitting diode (LED) systems are becoming more widespread in a number of domestic, commercial and industrial properties these days, due to a variety of positive factors making them the lighting of choice for our clients. Our NICEIC-accredited electricians are fully trained to upgrade all lighting systems to LED, with initial surveys and installation advice as standard.

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There are a number of reasons why property owners should avail of our electricians’ LED lighting upgrades, such as:


We could get technical and start listing data and figures. But, instead, how about this? Approximately 70% of all the energy produced by LEDs is transformed into light. Standard bulbs create this in heat. A 6-watt LED does the work of a 40-watt incandescent bulb and, due to the fact they don’t heat up, they’re considerably safer.


An average bulb is meant to burn for one thousand hours. That’s quite some time, right? LEDs will burn for more than fifty times that of an incandescent bulb. 50,000 hours of brightness from one small light is the equivalent of six years. For homeowners, the cost of a bulb isn’t considerable but, for commercial and industrial clients, the saving alone is worth upgrading to LED lighting immediately.


Due to the fact they can be bunched together in order to create specific styles of lighting, LEDs can illuminate a room, a warehouse, or even a sports arena. The options are limitless. They can be dimmed to as little as 5% brightness or kept operational at 100% for an extended period of time. The lights also work effectively in colder temperatures, making them perfect for outdoor security systems, open-air arenas or cold storage facilities.

Art galleries in Southampton and Winchester use LEDs as the energy emitted doesn’t damage canvasses or other art forms.

LEDs also focus light at an angle of 180° and not 360°, like standard bulbs. This makes them perfect for recessed lighting as the light required is only focussing on a single direction.

They’re good for the environment and even better for your pocket. Call D&B Electrical Contractors today and upgrade to LED lighting systems.

The following services are provided by our trained electricians:

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