Full Rewires

As properties age, they will require rewiring in order to conform to regulations. At present, the 18th Edition of the British Standard for the installation of electrical wiring (BS7671) – as set out by the Institute of Engineering and Technology (IET) – must be adhered to by all those working in the trade. This standard will be updated again towards the end of 2022. The latest edition covers new appliances and alterations to existing ones. And, the longer time passes, the more out-of-date your Southampton or Winchester property will become.

As fully qualified and NICEIC-approved electricians, D&B Electrical Contractors carries out full property rewires for domestic, commercial and industrial clients across Hampshire. We’re a family-run business with a growing reputation as a professional and reliable contractor, as our testimonials will prove.


If you’re not sure whether you should have your property rewired, we can carry out a detailed survey to ascertain the performance of your electrical wiring. There are a number of indicators, however, that you might look out for in the meantime:

We’ve already mentioned that the age of your property will play an important factor in whether or not it should be rewired by D&B Electrical Contractors. If the consumer unit, or fuse box, looks out of date, then give our electricians a call. Following an appointment to view your property, we’ll provide a no-obligation quotation.

Between us we’re almost 40 years in the trade, so ask us anything about electrical systems. Our advice is free!

Full rewires can take up to a week for a standard 3-bedroom property in Southampton, Winchester or the surrounding areas. Larger homes, commercial or industrial properties will, of course, take longer. We won’t lie; the job is messy and disruptive. If it’s not possible for you to leave your home or premises during this time, we will do everything we can to make life as easy as possible.


This is done in two stages. The first being the installation of the new wiring and back boxes – the metal or plastic boxes into which sockets or switches are fitted. All existing wiring is exchanged for uPVC-coated twin-earthed cable. It’s essential that everything is replaced in order to prevent future shocks or electrical fires.

For new properties, this process is carried out before the walls are plastered. In existing homes and premises we have to chase out the walls instead. Electricians refer to this as ‘first fix’.

The second stage of the process – known as ‘second fix’ – involves the connection of all electrics to the consumer unit. As part of our rewiring services, D&B Electrical Contractors also offer consumer unit changes as standard. For further information about these units, please click onto the relevant page.

Besides ensuring the safety of your property, and its occupants, full rewires will add value to any Southampton home or Winchester premises instantly. There’s also the benefit of having the opportunity to include additional sockets, switches and lights whilst the service is being carried out.

Call our electricians on 01962 809225, 07796 633911 (Brian) or 07788 247292 (Deane) and ask about our full property rewires in Southampton, Winchester and the surrounding areas.